If you have any questions please feel free to contact us. Tel. Marta from Italy: "We study where others spend their holidays.". In order to re-register in time, the semester fee has to arrive at the account of the Studentenwerk, After you have transferred the Semester Fee in a timely manner, and after the funds have been received, your new campus card could be validiated at the terminals. We recommend that you speak to the academic advisors of the subject(s) you wish to transfer into for the coming semester. With more than 6,900 students, the Kiel University of Applied Sciences (Fachhochschule Kiel ["FH Kiel"]) is the largest University of Applied Sciences in Schleswig-Holstein. Your student ID and semester ticket for the summer semester 2016 will be sent to you in mid-March to your registered address. vorhandene Geldbeträge der alten Karte beim Studentenwerk auszahlen lassen. 16K likes. Christian Albrecht University of Kiel or Christian-Albrechts-Universität zu Kiel (CAU) - public higher education institution in Germany.CAU began its activity in 1665. Application Deadlines: Applications must have been received no later than four weeks after the beginning of the relevant semester. Bitte bezahlen Sie diese. International Center Susan Brode. Das Semesterticket muss jedes Semester neu bestellt werden, so wie jedes Semester eine Rückmeldung an der Hochschule nötig ist. It is also possible to drop off the documents for Exmatrikulation – the Antrag (application) at the information room of the International Center in a self-addressed, stamped envelope, or, likewise, to send these to the International Center by mail. §20 der Einschreibordnung der Christian-Albrechts-Universität zu Kiel Change of contact details - Download of certificates of student status How to change the contact details in the Campusmanagementsystem of Kiel University. Photo: Bevis Nickel. The contribution must be received within the re-registration deadline on the bank account of the Studentenwerk; if  there is no valid proof of the existence of health insurance or if the health insurance company invalidates the submitted insurance certificate; when you have finished your course of study by passing the final exams; if you have definitively failed a course-related examination, interim or final examination required by the examination regulations - unless the subject area or the degree program is changed. Study more efficiently for your courses at Universität Zu Kiel Millions of flashcards & summaries ⭐ Get started for free with StudySmarter Sign up now! The Graduate Center celebrates its 10th anniversary! 27.000 Studierende, rund 3.700 Mitarbeiterinnen und Mitarbeiter. Applying for Guest Auditor Status (only German). After each successful re-registration, the CAU Card can be validated at one of the self-service terminals at the beginning of each semester. To do so, please use your stu number (user ID) and your password (the same as the one for your stu-mail and QIS) to log on to:www.uni-kiel.de/hisinone. It is also the only fully-fledged university in the state. In order to re-register in time, the semester fee has to arrive at the account of the Studentenwerk on 28th of February 2021 at the latest. Phone (+49) 431 880 1843 Kiel University uses this email in order to share very important information, such as dates for exam registration, examinations, or advices for re-registration (payment of semester fee) for each semester. Applications for leave of absence must be submitted for one semester up to the start of lectures of the respective semester. Students granted a leave of absence must pay the semester fee in amount of € 266,50 for summer semester 2021. Further information is provided on the homepage after you log into your account. It is often referred to as the Christian-Albrechts-Universität zu Kiel. Our urgent recommendation to you is; note the Inbox of your mandatory Stu-Email account. if the obligation to contribute to the Studentenwerk Schleswig-Holstein and the student body was not fulfilled. change your personal data and download any student confirmation as pdf document. Chief Operating Officer. Located in the capital of the state, it is the largest and oldest within its borders and is one of the top employers in the region. Application form for exmatriculation (official conclusion of studies). MBWFK Schl.-H-2004 of 4th October, 2001, p. 307), individuals who attend courses offered by the University as guest auditors must pay a fee of €100 each semester. Further information is provided on the homepage after you log into your account. Buslinien zur Kunsthochschule (MH): 50 und 51 The latest social survey carried out by the Deutsche Studentenwerke shows that in … Bitte beachten Sie: Das Semesterticket gilt stets für ein Semester. Guy from Cameroon: "The International Center aids me in many circumstances.". This is the initial stage for these features. International wire transfers should be sent to: International Bank Account Number (IBAN): DE 80210501700025000761, -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------. STUDI-Info - das Info-Magazin. §40 des Hochschulgesetzes. due to new Maternity protection act from 1st of January 2018 please note the ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------. You can also maintain your contact and address information online. Student certificates are created as PDF files and can be forwarded as an attachment. For technical reasons, the features may be deactivated for brief periods of time. Einzige Volluniversität und wissenschaftliches Zentrum von Schleswig-Holstein. Kiel Evolution Center is an interactive platform that integrates and coordinates evolutionary activities in research, teaching, and public outreach in Kiel and surroundings. You will then receive your certificates, the Exmatrikulationsbescheinigung and the Rentenbescheinigung, by mail. Please use your stu-number (without@mail.uni-kiel.de) and your password (the same as the one for your stu-mail and QIS). Mittwoch 12.00 – 16.00 Uhr Kiel (CAU, FH, Muthesius), Lübeck (Uni, TH, Musikhochschule) und; Flensburg (Europa-Universität, Hochschule). Individuals receiving state financial assistance may apply for permission to pay a reduced fee of €20. Öffnungszeiten: Mo - Fr 16.00-18.00 Uhr. The documents mentioned above are no (longer) part of the “leporello”. Kiel University (CAU) was founded back in 1665. Das eigentliche Semesterticket kostet knapp 60,- Euro für das Stadtgebiet und 68,- für Stadt und Umland. Sportzentrum der CAU Kiel Hochschulsportbüro Olshausenstraße 70-74. Dormitories in Kiel. Currently there are 7 stations installed at following sites: We recommend the use of a protective cover for the CAU Card. Academic credit deriving from your previous studies may be granted by the Prüfungsamt, the academic testing office, of the subject of your choice. Its success across all funding rounds of the Excellence Competition and international rankings underscore its leadership role and excellent reputation in the academic, scientific and research landscape.       following information Dr. Sabine Milde. Note on cash payment, bank transfer or debit card payment: when paying, a booking period of approx. Applications for guest auditor status must be submitted no later than four weeks after the beginning of the lecture period of each semester. Nutzen Sie dazu, Im Anschluss geben Sie bitte den vollständig ausgefüllten, Für die Ersatzkarte wird eine Gebühr fällig. Programme Coordinator Dr. Josie-Marie Perkuhn. The course administration is available for participants as well as trainers at reg@gz.uni-kiel.de. Phone (+49) 431 880 1038 jmperkuhn@politik.uni-kiel.de. In courses of study with limited enrolment, guest auditors may attend. You may submit these documents in person or by regular mail. Instructions_Refund  (only in German Language). Earning money alongside studying is a way of life for many students in Germany. Fax : +49 431 880-1666 The university refuses the re-registration: § 19 Registration Regulations (Rules) at Kiel University, As from now you can download your certificates of student status, certificates of study periods and BAföG certificates.You can also maintain your contact and address information online. This applies students of the University of Hamburg and of University of Applied Sciences Kiel who wish to attend courses as provided for by the cooperation agreement (information) cooperation agreement  FH Kiel (only German). 1 A. Die Validierungsfunktion kann durch den Studierendenservice gesperrt werden. Verlust/Defekt und nachträgliche Erstausstellung, Antrag auf Neuerstellung der CAU Card (pdf), Laden Sie zunächst ein aktuelles Foto auf unsere Server hoch. Alumni Relations Management brings people together who can support each other’s professional and personal development. Anjuta from the Ukraine: "Our academics at Kiel University enjoy a good reputation.". In the recent years Christian Albrecht University of Kiel has a stable position in the top 20 universities of Germany and does not plan to give it away. Students of Medicine, Dentistry or Pharmacology who are EU citizens may only apply via Hochschulstart (only German). Kiel University (CAU) was founded back in 1665. In case of using a wire transfer slip from your bank, it has to be filled in with your enrolment number ( number is written on the front side of welcome letter or student confirmation) and SoSe2021. Christian Albrechts Universität Kiel - International Center - Westring 400 . The Faculty of Business, Economics and Social Sciences of Kiel University Internationaler Studentenausweis - einfach online beantragen & Kosten sparen in der Ausbildungszeit Christian-Albrechts-Universität zu Kiel . Sowohl Kartenbestellungen für virtuelle und Plastikkarten als auch … Academic credit and duration of enrolment as a guest auditor may be granted as provided for under the applicable official degree requirements. You must observe the application deadlines. The formalities involved in ending your enrolment at the University should normally be taken care of in person during office hours. Instructions and Request for a Refund of the Semesterticket fee          new application form Christian Albrechts Universität Kiel - International Center - Westring 400. as from now you can download your certificates of student status, certificates of study periods and BAföG certificates. AStA Infopunkt Mensa 1. Wenn Sie Ihre CAU Card verloren haben oder Ihre CAU Card einen Defekt aufweist, können Sie eine neue CAU Card beantragen. Christian-Albrechts-Universität zu Kiel — Deutschlandstipendium Beantrage online die Karte deiner Wahl Hochschulsport Uni Kiel: Ein vielfältiges In den Genuss toller Lesungen verschiedener Autoren kommst du dank Studentenausweis günstiger.